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End-Face Milling Machines

End-face milling machines are high performance equipment in the line to produce box beam, which is manufactured by JINFENG WELDCUT who is the professional China manufacturer and supplier of End-face milling machines with affordable price. The End-face milling machines provide more safety and high efficiency for milling the end-face of the box beam or H beams that needed for the Box or H beams production.

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Product Description

JINFENG WELDCUT will provide have 1 year warranty for the End-face milling machines. The main electric elements of the Box beam production lines are selected from the world famous brand that will bring more convenient for Users to find the parts in local without getting from long distance from China. The End-face milling machines are the most advanced and high efficiency equipments to increase the productivity for End-users from steel structures, steel construction and high building.

Structure view

Single end-face milling machine without to work with roller table and cross carts.



Maximum milling width

2000     mm


Maximum milling height

1500     mm


Milling head motor power

7.5      kW


Spindle rotation speed of milling head (manual shift transmission)

110-630   r/min


Maximum cutter head diameter of milling head

Φ250    mm


Outer diameter of spindle end of milling head

Φ128.57 mm


Milling head spindle end number

ISO 50


Inner taper of milling head spindle



Expansion and contraction amount of milling head spindle

100      mm


Horizontal feed motor power

2.9      kW


Lift feed motor power

1.8      kW


Power of workbench pump station

4        kW


Lifting and lowering of milling head

Stepless speed regulation


Horizontal slide feed

Stepless speed regulation


Hydraulic system pressure

10       MPa

Feature And Application

Box beam SAW submerged arc welding machines is an excellent product launched by Jinfeng Welding and Cutting Company for the steel structure industry. It is a special welding equipment specially designed for welding large and medium-sized box beams (columns). Over the years, after continuous optimization and improvement, the performance has become more perfect, which is welcomed by customers at home and abroad, and the market coverage is relatively high. The device has the following advantages:The machine adopts frequency conversion control with a wide speed adjustment range to meet the needs of different welding speeds. Fast return speed and stable operation.

1.2. Adopt a heavy-duty mechanical weld tracking device to make the weld more uniform and smooth;
The solder recovery system can effectively recover and separate the solder and can be reused;
High degree of automation, reliable operation, simple structure, and convenient operation and maintenance;

1.5. The electrical control system is installed inside the column, integrating the electric control box, operation panel, and column, which is not only concise and beautiful, but also very convenient to operate.

Box-beam SAW submerged arc welding machines  installed in Users’ factory

How to produce a welded Box beam from steel plate?

Following is the production flow chart for the production from plates till H beam and final inspection.
Production flow chart

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