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Box Beam Assembling Machines

XXZ15 Box beam assembling machines are high performance equipment in the line to produce box beam, which is manufactured by JINFENG WELDCUT who is the professional China manufacturer and supplier of XXZ15 Box beam assembling machines with affordable price. The XXZ15 Box beam assembling machines provide more safety and high efficiency for assembling the plates in U shape and Box shape that needed for the Box beams production.

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Product Description

JINFENG WELDCUT will provide have 1 year warranty for the XXZ15 Box beam assembling machines. The main electric elements of the Box beam production lines are selected from the world famous brand that will bring more convenient for Users to find the parts in local without getting from long distance from China. The XXZ15 Box beam assembling machines are the most advanced and high efficiency equipments to increase the productivity for End-users from steel structures, steel construction and high building.

Structure view



Box beam width

□300~□1500  mm


Box beam height

□300~□1500  mm


Box beam length

6000~15000   mm


Rail length

19000         mm


Rail span

2500          mm


Main machine moving speed

0.5~4   m/min


Working pressure of hydraulic system

12 Mpa


Maximum pressure of side cylinder



Maximum pressure of upper cylinder



Drive mode

Double sided variable frequency drive

Feature And Application

XXZ15 Box beam assembling machines have the following advantages:
The box beam (column) is composed of a "U" shaped beam and a cover plate that have been spot welded and formed. During assembly, the workpiece is stationary, the main machine moves in sections, and the clamping assembly mode is positioned as required.

First, lift the "U-shaped" spot welded to the conveying roller table of the assembly machine or transport it to this station from the previous "U-shaped" assembly station. Then, lift the upper cover plate onto the "U-shaped" according to the drawing requirements, and use it as a host side pressing device and an upper pressing device. Press and spot weld the upper cover plate to complete the assembly of the entire workpiece. The assembly of segments of a workpiece in length is achieved by the moving position of the host machine. The assembled workpiece is sent to the next process by the conveying roller table for further processing.
(The manual CO2 MIG welding machines here are supplied by User. The manual welding machines are not in the supply range of Seller/supplier)

Box-beam assembling machines  installed in Users’ factory

How to produce a welded Box beam from steel plate?

Following is the production flow chart for the production from plates till H beam and final inspection.
Production flow chart

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