Box Beam Esw Electroslag Welding Machines
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Box Beam Esw Electroslag Welding Machines

Box beam ESW electroslag welding machines are high performance equipment in the line to produce box beam, which is manufactured by JINFENG WELDCUT who is the professional China manufacturer and supplier of Box beam ESW electroslag welding machines with affordable price. The Box beam ESW electroslag welding machines provide more safety and high efficiency for assembling the plates in U shape and Box shape that needed for the Box beams production.

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Product Description

JINFENG WELDCUT will provide have 1 year warranty for the Box beam ESW electroslag welding machines. The main electric elements of the Box beam production lines are selected from the world famous brand that will bring more convenient for Users to find the parts in local without getting from long distance from China. Box beam ESW electroslag welding machines are the most advanced and high efficiency equipments to increase the productivity for End-users from steel structures, steel construction and high building.

Structure view







Box beam width

□300~□1500  mm

300~2000 mm


Box beam height

□300~□1500  mm

300~1600 mm


Box beam length

6000~15000   mm



Rail length

17000mm (2 machines sharing same rails)



Rail span




Girder lifting speed




Longitudinal travel speed

800~4500 mm/min

800~4500 mm/min


Welding form

Wire consumable type,

Nozzle consumable type

Wire consumable type,

Nozzle consumable type


Drive mode

Dual drive


Control way

Variable frequency stepless speed regulation

Feature And Application

Box beam ESW electroslag welding machines are an excellent product launched by Jinfeng Welding and Cutting Company for the steel structure industry. It is a special welding equipment specially designed for welding box beam. In order to ensure sufficient rigidity and torsion resistance during box beam fabrication, baffles (i.e. stiffer plates) are generally welded on the inside of the box beam. This machine is a special equipment for welding the welds between the outer plate of the box beam and the inner baffles. The equipment has the following advantages:

1.1. Two sets of electroslag welding systems are equipped, which can synchronously weld two welds of the same partition plate;

1.2. The machine traveling speed is divided into high and low speeds, which is conducive to rapid and accurate positioning of electroslag welding holes;
1.3. The cantilever beam is used for overall lifting and lowering, and there is a vertical guide mechanism at the contact with the column, which is flexible and stable;
The cross slider mechanism can adjust the position of the welding gun during electroslag welding to prevent welding deviation;
1.5. High degree of automation, reliable operation, simple structure, and convenient operation and maintenance.

Box-beam ESW electroslag welding machines installed in Users’ factory

How to produce a welded Box beam from steel plate?

Following is the production flow chart for the production from plates till H beam and final inspection.
Production flow chart

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