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Beam Flippers

Beam flippers are high performance equipment in the line to produce box beam, which is manufactured by JINFENG WELDCUT who is the professional China manufacturer and supplier of Beam flippers with affordable price. The Beam flippers provide more safety and high efficiency for moving the beams and overturning the beams for the Box beams production.

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Product Description

JINFENG WELDCUT will provide have 1 year warranty for the Beam flippers. The main electric elements of the Box beam production lines are selected from the world famous brand that will bring more convenient for Users to find the parts in local without getting from long distance from China. The Beam flippers are the most advanced and high efficiency equipments to increase the productivity for End-users from steel structures, steel construction and high building.

Structure view


Two pcs of movable 180 ° hydraulic beam flippers are provided in each set, mainly used for over turning workpieces after welding on one side. When working, lift the workpiece away from the roller table or workpiece rack, and the reducer drives the two overturning brackets to move synchronously to move the workpiece to the side of the roller table or workpiece rack. Then, two hydraulic cylinders drive the two L-shaped arms to rotate synchronously. After the workpiece is overturned, it is moved to the middle of the roller table or workpiece rack, and then the workpiece is transported to the next process or welded.



Work-piece weight



Traveling motor power



Walking speed



Hydraulic station pressure

Max 16Mpa


Rail center distance



The equipment consists of a main machine, a hydraulic system, and an electric control system. A group of two beam flippers are used to simultaneously overturn and move. The flipping process of the two beam flippers is controlled by advanced hydraulic synchronization valves to ensure synchronous rotation of each overturning arm during the tilting process. Manually control the turnover process of the workpiece to achieve a 90 ° turnover of the workpiece.

3.2 Each beam flippers uses a set of standard hydraulic engineering cylinders to push the "L" type rotating arm to rotate, which can turn the workpiece over. A speed reducer and a walking wheel are arranged on the turnover bracket, enabling the turnover bracket to have a moving function.

3.3 The equipment shall be hydraulically driven and have the characteristics of impact resistance, stable overturn, and low failure rate compared to mechanically driven overturning machines. Not only can it be used to flip the workpiece 90 º, but also can it be lifted to move between different stations. Compared to traditional chain turnover machines, not only is the work station not closed, facilitating the lifting and transportation of workpiece in and out, but also the overall dimensions, especially the height dimensions, are greatly reduced, and the operation is safe and reliable. One group of two sets of linkage control, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Beam flippers  installed in Users’ factory

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