How to open the profile cutter?


1. First, master the programming of steel workpiece, and be familiar with the size of steel workpiece and cutting error compensation. The machine tool control personnel shall first receive special training to master the programming software of the section steel cutting machine tool. They should also master offline programming, also known as offline programming. The programming method is similar to machine tool programming. Offline programming can be done in the technical office. Offline programming does not occupy the cutting time of the machine tool. More advanced manufacturers of section steel cutting machine provide offline programming software and computer simulation PC workstation, and section steel cutting machine products provide fully automatic offline programming software. Then, the beginner can first learn in the offline programming workstation, and try to complete the workpiece editing, modification, layout, 3D graphics simulation, workpiece size marking, output material quota table, and process report simulation processing.

2. In the process of getting familiar with offline programming or machine tool programming software, we should not only pay attention to the graphic elements of the workpiece code, but also understand the movement track and control axis elements, understand the raw material specifications, cutting speed, power supply elements, remember these machine tool parameter information, input and store them in the machine tool parameter table.

a) Carefully observe how the moving axis of the profile cutting machine completes the cutting process through the coordinated control (robot controller), and the actuator performs the cutting process according to the predetermined cutting process program.

b) Observe whether the rapid positioning, cutting process, auxiliary process and auxiliary process of the machine tool are reasonable and safe.

c) During the simulation processing, the off-line programming software should pay attention to the correct input and effective storage of all machine tool parameters during the simulation processing, and the actual processing of the simulation processing virtual reality, which has a very important guidance and reference value for the subsequent actual processing, so as to avoid the subsequent processing collision and workpiece scrap. The simulation and simulation processing function of off-line programming software is the hard technical index of steel cutting machine. Offline programming software is more conducive to the improvement and expansion of subsequent customer functions, and is of great significance to the life, anti-collision function and safety of the machine tool.

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