H beam horizontal production line


Horizontal steel production line adopts horizontal vertical assembly, horizontal welding two longitudinal seam at the same time, just before the work of the H-beam wing plate and web of the front part of the welding firm, can realize the H-beam assembly and two weld welding, greatly improve the production efficiency; Secondly, the machine can achieve a small Angle of bevel welding.

Process flow:

1. End assembly: First align, splice and spot weld the end of the three steel plates.
2, the front welding unit vertical welding of the above two welds.
3. The workpiece turns 180 degrees and falls onto the roller table of the front group welder.
4. Vertical welding of the following two welds by the rear welding unit.
5. The workpiece turns 90 degrees and falls onto the roller table of the correction machine.
6, the correction machine to correct the wing plate welding deformation.

Description of Features:

This line adopts advanced and efficient single arc double wire welding production technology, not only welding speed and good shape, so as to realize flat fillet welding break through the traditional boat welding. The production line is simple from three steel plates set up into H shape at one time and two welds welding to correction. Without crane hoisting, use the auxiliary equipment such as chain positioning machine, roller conveyer, basic realize the automation of the production process, in addition to cutting blanking, wing correction after turn order need a crane lifting, lifting the whole process does not need to drive, also USES two welding, greatly improving the production efficiency, make the production efficiency of single class annual production capacity of about 8000 tons.

H - beam horizontal production line is easy to operate, high degree of automation, small deformation of the workpiece. At the same time, the structure is reasonable, so there is no need to adjust when welding different size workpiece. Due to the use of submerged arc welding, welding heat spokes are small, little harm to operators. It has long service life, stable performance and easy maintenance.