Cutting machine quote, vibration knife cutting machine, laser cutting machine price is how much?


For the flexible material cutting, at present, the most commonly used cutting equipment has three kinds: rotary knife cutting machine, vibration knife cutting machine and laser cutting machine. The three models are not only different in production process and working principle, but also different in price according to their intelligence and performance.

Among them, the rotary knife cutting machine, because of its simple manufacturing process, low component configuration, so the price is the lowest, in about 20,000 can be done.

Laser cutting machine polarization is serious, from twenty thousand to tens of thousands of white, and for flexible material cutting, the required power is small, so the price is cheaper, according to the specific needs, the price is between two to one hundred thousand.

The laser cutting machine of metal materials is more expensive because of its large power, which is more than 200,000 yuan.

The main factors affecting the price of laser machine are the power of laser tube, cutting table area.

Vibration knife is specially designed for flexible material cutting research and development of cutting equipment, is the use of blade cutting, you can freely replace the tool head, can use vibration knife, pneumatic knife, milling cutter, round knife and other different tool head, to meet the cutting of different non-metallic materials, cutting precision is higher, faster.

And with intelligent typesetting system, vacuum adsorption system, so that the cutting process more intelligent, cutting effect higher quality.

Factors affecting the price include table surface area, parameters, accessories, adsorption system, control system, motor, etc.

To sum up, when buying a cutting machine, it is unwise to simply consider the price. Sometimes the machine looks the same, and the price is likely to be tens of thousands of thousands, because there is a big gap in the selection of accessories.

Another point is that according to the demand, the price of cutting equipment is not the same, sometimes there will be a lot of difference, so before buying to communicate with the manufacturer of specific needs, in order to get an accurate quotation.
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