A Simple Explanation of How Plate Cutting Machines Work


Plate Cutting Machines are mechanical devices used to cut sheet metal (such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) or other hard materials. These machines can achieve efficient, precise and repeatable cutting process through different cutting methods and processes. Here is a brief description of the Plate Cutting Machines:
Plate Cutting Machines can be divided into various types according to different cutting methods and processes, some of the common ones include laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, flame cutting machines and water jet cutting machines, etc.

flame cutting process
Oxygen cutting is a combustion process utilizing an oxygen/gas flame. The heating flame brings the material to its ignition temperature. Oxygen of at least 99.5% purity is then sparged onto the heating point. A jet of oxygen oxidizes the metal, then moves the torch and creates a narrow cutting kerf, removing slag from the kerf. Cut quality depends on the surface condition, cutting speed and thickness of the material.
All low alloy steels up to several inches in thickness can be cut with this process. Despite the growing importance of other cutting processes such as plasma and laser cutting, flame contour cutting remains a very economical process. For heavy materials up to 35 inches (900 mm) thick, there is no substitute for oxyfuel cutting.

plasma cutting
Plasma cutting was originally developed for thermal cutting of materials not suitable for flame cutting, such as high-alloy steel or aluminum. Today, the process is also used to economically cut thin low-alloy steels
How Plasma Cuts Metal The plasma cutting process is used to cut conductive metals by using this conductive gas to transfer energy from the power source through the plasma torch to the material being cut.
A basic plasma arc cutting system consists of a power supply, an arc ignition circuit, and a cutting torch. These system components provide the electrical power, ionization capability, and process control necessary for high-quality, high-productivity cutting on a variety of different materials.
What is plasma? fourth state of matter
A common definition of plasma describes it as the fourth state of matter. We generally think of matter as having three states: solid, liquid, and gas. For the common element water, these three states are ice, water, and steam. The difference between these states is related to their energy levels. When we add energy to ice in the form of heat, the ice melts and forms water. When we add more energy to water, it evaporates into hydrogen and oxygen in the form of steam. By adding more energy to the steam, these gases become ionized. This ionization process causes the gas to become conductive. This electrically conductive, ionized gas is called a plasma.
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