Customers visiting for H beam welding lines, box beam welding lines


Today, Vietnamese customers who came from afar visited our designed and produced H beam welding lines and box beam welding lines.
The entire visit itinerary was arranged for 2 days, and through 2 days of in-depth communication, the company's strength and product display left a deep impression on customers, laying a solid foundation for subsequent contract signing.
On the first day, we introduced our company's strength to the customer through PPT and video, fully demonstrating that Jinfeng Welding and Cutting Company is a senior company with over 30 years of design, production, and sales experience, deeply rooted in the cutting and welding industry, serving multiple different industries. We mainly introduced our company's H beam welding lines,Box beam welding lines, CNC plasma cutting machines, CNC flame cutting machines, PRG profile robot cutting lines, Robotic plasma cutting machines etc.
In the afternoon, we showcased the various departments and technical research and development teams of our company's office building, as well as the production workshop. The customer saw that our company has more than 10 CNC machining centers and more than 100 cutting equipment, welding equipment, and other machining equipment of all sizes, all of which are eagerly intensifying production orders. We have demonstrated a parts warehouse that allows us to send out replacement parts to customers within 24 hours, ensuring that customer production will not be halted due to parts shortages.

The next day, we took Vietnamese customers to our users' premises to conduct on-site inspections of our Smart H beam welding lines and box beam welding lines. The customer also learned about the quality and usage of our equipment face-to-face with the user. Domestic users have expressed their recognition for the quality and service of Jinfeng Welding and Cutting Company's products. They highly recommend Jinfeng Company's products and recognize that Jinfeng Co

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